Spreading The Disease By Anthrax

Stagno said Spreading the Disease had wonderful sound and production and beneficial the album for followers of thrash steel. Frank Trojan of Rock Hard wrote that Spreading the Disease had more potential and intelligence than Fistful of Metal, in addition to extra differentiated songs. British writer Joel McIver described Spreading the Disease as ” the sound of pure determination, at a degree in metallic history the place boundaries were being pushed daily.”

Spreading the Disease is the second studio album by the American thrash steel band Anthrax, launched on October 30, 1985 by Megaforce Records and Island Records. A particular two-disc edition of the album was released in 2015, celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. This was the final Anthrax album to feature songwriting from Turbin. This was additionally the first to function songwriting from bassist Dan Lilker after his departure from the band, though extra of his songwriting would be featured on the next album, Among the Living. Turbin wrote the lyrics for “Armed and Dangerous” and “Gung-Ho”, and Lilker contributed to the music.


Apart from the original tracks, which come throughout remarkably well in this remastered type, there’s a reside present from Tokyo in 1987 which captures the band in a riotously uncooked state. There are many songs which are inspired by Medusa’s character in Metamorphoses. Hoping to assist anybody searching the Internet for medical recommendation about anthrax, ANTHRAX also quickly changed the band’s web site ( to comprise information about the unfold and treatment of anthrax. Anthrax’s first album with vocalist Joey Belladonna is a large leap forward, that includes strongly rhythmic, pounding riffs and vocals that alternate between hardcore-type shouting and stunning quantities of melody. The traditional metallic lyrical fare is extra authentic, while additionally introducing a penchant for paying tribute to favourite fictional characters and pop culture artifacts (“Lone Justice” and “Medusa” are prime examples). Belladonna was swept away by the energy of the crowds and returned to Ithaca with a new power and hunger.

But whereas they had been quickly to hit a pivotal point in their career, the creation of Spreading the Disease— which came out Oct. 30, 1985 — it didn’t come with out running over some main bumps in the highway. Despite the fact that ANTHRAX had been utilizing the name with out controversy since 1981, it was being attacked within the media for appearing insensitive. The band issued a press release jokingly suggesting that it would change its name to “BASKET FULL OF PUPPIES.” In 2001, a week after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, five letters containing powdered anthrax have been mailed to media outlets in New York. Three weeks later, another two letters had been despatched to U.S. senators.

Spreading The Disease

But most of the music for Spreading The Disease was so fast he didn’t know precisely the way to phrase the vocals or fit them between the riffs. So Ian labored carefully with Belladonna and went over the vocal melodies for the brand new songs line for line till he could perfectly repeat them. Then they gave him some creative liberties to embellish the vocals as he saw match.

spreading the disease

Zazula was given songwriting credit score for “Medusa”, his solely contribution for Anthrax. Zazula was originally credited as the only writer of the song, but album reissues credit the remainder of the band as well. Additionally former vocalist Matt Fallon who left in the course of the recording classes claimed in a 2016 interview that he contributed to the lyrics however was left uncredited.

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