13 Ways To Say Hiya In Chinese Language

(chīle, nǐ ne?), the literal translation of “I’ve eaten and also you? .” It’s used to precise that you just care in regards to the different particular person and is similar to the expression “how are you? If you ever go to a Chinese talking country, this is what’s most commonly heard among younger people. If you hearken to its pronunciation, you’ll notice it feels like “hello” in English. In reality, 哈罗 (hā luō) is a loanword the Chinese borrowed from English.

; More usually used following a greeting than not, nonetheless, this can be utilized as a “How are you?. This is one other way for a pal or acquaintance to say howdy. If an individual asks you the way you could have been, it is not an invitation to dissect on personal particulars. It’s merely a casual way to say “Hey, how are you?” without using those exact phrases.

晚上好。 Wǎnshàng Hǎo

It is a fixed expression, which accurately means “morning peace”. However, there are extra variations of “zǎo ān” than you possibly can ever imagine. For instance, “zǎo” (早, morning) is the quick type of “zǎo ān” and including “ā” (啊) or “ya” (呀) after “zǎo” makes it sound more casual.

This word is only used to say ‘hiya’, when on the cellphone. Asking if someone has eaten yet is a more widespread way to ask ‘how are you? Showing concern for a friend or acquaintance’s health is common inside Chinese tradition. You will hear it most often spoken between neighbors within a backyard during their night walk after supper. ’ and is commonly taught to college students as anessential Chinese phrase, nevertheless it’s rarely used these days.

The Way To Say Howdy In Chinese

Similarly to the informal model of howdy (你好 – Nǐ hǎo), the formal model just contains an extra N making 您好 “Nin hao”. Yes, whereas in Mandarin you would say 你好 – Nǐ hǎo, in Cantonese the pronunciation is slightly different, Neih hou. The literal translation “long time, no see” has also started to make its way into the English language. Used when old associates meet, it is a very constructive, pleased greeting. ” most likely the one greeting which has brought on essentially the most quantity of confusion. But do you know that besides these three, there are a minimum of 17 other methods to greet someone in Mandarin?

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