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They find a small jail containing Superboy-Prime in the Monsterlands as Superboy-Prime states that he can hear what Mister Mind is saying. Mister Mind and Doctor Sivana start their plans to free the Monster Society of Evil from the Dungeon of Eternity. In this new timeline, Mister Mind makes his first appearance after Doctor Sivana’s alliance with Black Adam fails. Sivana heads to the Rock of Eternity, where he cannot get in due to a magical defend. He cries out for someone to help him save his household, saying that whereas science has failed them, magic could save them. Sivana then discovers a caterpillar-like creature trapped in a bottle throughout the Rock.

He is on the run from a debt to an area crime lord named Boss Kack. Superman already had him in custody while avoiding Lobo and receives assist in getting away by the Space Cabbie. During a fight between Lobo, Hawkman, and Superman, Mister Mind gets out of his containment and is lured out of the engine by the Space Cabbie wanting an image of him. After exiting the Space Cabbie’s space cab, Mister Mind ends up near where Superman and Hawkman have been combating Lobo. Reasoning that there’s enough of his body to gather the bounty from Boss Kack, Lobo wipes his stays off his boot and cheerfully takes his go away with out realizing that Mind had the power to regenerate.

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Fortunately for the nice guys, Mr. Mind was, you understand, a worm, and located it troublesome to really do any murdering with none palms. With that, he was taken into custody and put on trial for his fairly considerable crimes — which, in accordance with Shazam, included the homicide of 186,744 folks. First, a strangely offended-trying green worm showed up in Captain Marvel Adventures #26, dropping onto Shazam’s shoulder solely to be disregarded.

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But he then realized that with out his henchmen, he was practically helpless and unable to kill him. Captain Marvel soon captured the world’s wickedest worm and had him tried and executed for killing 186,744 people. Following 52, Mind appeared irregularly as a supervillain in DC comic series such as Action Comics, Booster Gold, and more. In 2007, cartoonist Jeff Smith, the creator of Bone, wrote and illustrated a four-issue miniseries, Shazam!

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All the whereas, Sivana is jealous of Mind taking the Society from him. When he turns the completed beam on Mind, it’s revealed that it’s truly a progress ray, turning Mind into an enormous centipede like creature based mostly on the Hyperfly. Batman is able to defeat him, at the same time as he de-ages from a de-aging ray Sivana used on him, when he turns the expansion ray into reverse and uses it against Mind. Following this, Mind catured by Sivana and handled with Suspendium, inflicting Mind to create a cocoon for itself.

In this story, Mind gains the power to evolve into a big “Hyperfly”, in a position to eat house and time and inadvertently creating a brand new DC Multiverse within the process. DC reset its comics’ continuity with the 12-issue miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths in 1985–86, and Mister Mind disappeared from DC publications for a decade. Mister AtomOne of Shazam/Captain Marvel’s main villains, Mister Mind is a two-inch alien worm of high intelligence with telepathic powers. Mister Mind is a mean, cruel and malevolent genius, the most good specimen of a race of highly-intelligent worms, totally bent on conquest and energy acquisition.

Dome Attendants – Creatures that are likely to Mister Mind’s undersea base. It consists of a Pig Man, a Goblin, a Werewolf, an Ogre, and a midget submarine captain. Oom the Mighty – A giant and super-strong animate statue with magical powers. As the first and longest serialized story arc in comic book historical past, “The Monster Society of Evil” was hailed as a milestone of the Golden Age of Comics.