Top 10 Scariest Things Caught on Tape

We all know that there are many things that could be on the top 10 list, such as dangerous things like a meteorite crashing into the Earth or a water balloon bursting, but not all of us have the fortitude to imagine that we might get caught on tape having a glimpse of some other form of horror. Think about it – what will be on the top ten list of most common sights you will ever see? Things like an angry gorilla barreling down the street, or even a killer UFO? The top ten list would probably have these as common sights, but what would be on the second and third? How would you feel if you were lucky enough to be caught on tape by someone who had already witnessed the most common of things? Now think about what your worst fear could be.

How about catching on tape that someone was playing a joke on you? Some people are so afraid of being thought of as a fool, that they will look away whenever someone else is in trouble, but what if that someone is seen on camera doing something so hateful? What would happen to you? Would you be humiliated in front of everyone?

The list I am suggesting here, is one of the top ten things that you should be most scared of – because it could happen to you. It could happen at any time and it could happen at any place. One example of this is that you could be walking down the street and find yourself caught on camera performing a horror act. This would most likely be the last thing you ever expect to happen to you, but it could be the first thing that do!