Top 10 Most Wanted Nerd Boys of the World

The top 10 most wanted nerd boys in the world! It’s a fun list to look at but not really all that informative. So let’s make it better. Why not make it fun and light hearted? Well, let’s try and do just that. With these Top 10 Nerd Boys of the world we are going to get a little crazy with our list of our top choices.

James Gunn, Writer/Director – Nerdy kids love this guy. Not only does he write for TV’s Simpsons and, Fantastic Four, he also writes his own movies like Slither. He has a lot of fan fiction centered around him. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of fan fiction so I don’t mind much. I am a big fan of his work though and some of the stuff we see online is pretty cute. What you don’t know about him though is that he is actually on the autism spectrum which I think is quite a few notches above normal human beings. But we’ll go ahead and list him anyway.

Mike West, Movie Director – This movie is so good that I had to include it. I don’t know why but this movie just never gets old to me. It has all of the action and just enough ridiculousness that make you just want to watch it all over again. The first time you watch it is the first time you’ll ever see that mad scientist. You are going to be in for a big surprise. You might even end up laughing your pants off.